Standing beside a young daycare child at Noah's Ark Daycare 1 (Used by permission)

Noah's Ark Daycares

(For Female Students)

Female students automatically qualify for our work scholarship program. This program allows young ladies to gain experience working with children, teaching a pre-school curriculum and investing in the community while caring for children and babies. The program allows female students to pay their tuition as well as dormatory fees and still receive a check for spending money.

We are thankful for the blessing of Noah's Ark Daycares as they are an integral part of outreach in the community. The daycares have several special events held at the church facilities during the year which encourages parents to attend and guarantees that they have the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Many parents and children have accepted Christ as a direct result of the love and care provided by college students at Noah's Ark Daycares.

GPBC is devoted to helping female students enjoy their time at college without the cares of a stressful secular job while being able to focus on studies and first-hand ministry training through Noah's Ark Daycares.