Structure & Information

Class Format

We utilize a modular class format to provide flexibility as well as focus in the classroom. One 18-hour week of class is held for each credit hour to be earned. Classes are held from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM Monday through Friday with three hours of class to be held on Saturday at the Lecturer's discretion.

Class Requirements

Instructors will give two weekly quizzes, a project, assigned reading/homework and a final exam to be administered on the final class day. All students must attend Wednesday evening service as this is an invaluable part of the student's education and is comparable to chapel services.

Adjunct Lecturers

As a result of the modular class format, guest lecturers from around the world help to comprise the educational staff of GPBC. Below is a sample list of Adjunct Lecturers:

  • Dr. Henry & Celest Ward, Missionaries - Japan
  • Dr. Michael & Shawn Setser, Pastor - Winter Haven, FL
  • Dr. James & Linda Belisle, Evangelist - Washington, IA
  • Dr. William & Christina Tyson, Pastor - Bowie, MD
  • Dr. Ray & Debbie Young - Hammond, IN
  • Dr. Chuck & Jo Harding, Evangelist - Washington, DC
  • Bro. Chris & Irene Williams, Missionaries - Peru
  • Bro. Steve & Bonita Epley, Evangelist - Washington, IA

Transfer Students

Credits & Classification

Transfer Credits

It is the goal of Great Plains Baptist College to do its utmost to equip saints for the work of the ministry and to do all in our power to increase the potential of every Christian to be as productive as possible in the Lord's work. GPBC has, therefore, a policy to help each student take advantage of every possible credit earned at any other school. Most credits earned at other undergraduate institutions will be honored unless the class itself is deemed to have been of actual detriment to the student or against sound Bible doctrine.

Finishing a Degree

Students that have attained the designation of Junior at another institution and whose major is not currently offered at GPBC are encouraged, if they so desire to apply in writing to the administration for approval to finish the major they were working toward. A determination will be made whether or not GPBC has the ability to finish the required classes for that particular major, and the student will be informed in writing before the beginning of the next semester.