Pastor Reeves

Standing beside the first GPBC sign at its original location on Halligan Drive

A Burden & A Call

GPBC was founded in 2012 by Pastor William Reeves at the North Platte Baptist Church. For years, young people have attended college only to realize that ministry in the real world differs greatly from what is taught in classrooms. Pastor Reeves saw the need to teach young people through more than just a class and bookwork, but through a hands-on experience in small-town America.

The fact remains that, upon finishing college, most college graduates will not immediately land a position at a large ministry that can afford to pay a full-time staff member. With this knowledge in mind, GPBC was founded as an amazing opportunity to learn how to navigate the challenges of a small ministry, minister to others on a personal level, create a church environment of professionalism that honors God above all, and achieve a life and ministry of financial stability.

Though classwork and studies are a significant part of our curriculum, hands-on, practical ministry service is what sets us apart. At GPBC, we are ready to help you reach your fullest potential in the service of the Lord!