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GPBC Benefits

Great Plains Baptist College is located in the center of the United States. This is a benefit to those who are looking for a GREAT Bible college but don't want to travel thousands of miles to find it.

Because we are a small Bible college, every student experiences ministry learning in a hands-on, real life, and practical way. At GPBC learning is not limited to just the classroom.

Great Plains Baptist College is one of the most affordable Bible colleges available. It is our desire that every student focuses on learning from God during their college years and not stressing over money.

Is GPBC For You?

Great Plains Baptist College is set up to train students who want to serve God with their lives. It is our desire to teach every student how to serve the Lord in ministry regardless of where they are at. We also strive to teach practical everyday truths from the Word of God as well as holiness, separation, standards, and doctrine. If you have a heart for the Lord or would like to increase your desire to serve Him, then please consider GPBC.

Practical truths

Hands-On Ministry Learning

Love For Christ

What Our Students Have To Say

Since coming to GPBC, I have enjoyed the challenge to grow better both spiritually and academically! I will always appreciate all the work our teachers put in to educate and encourage us.


Here at GPBC they have encouraged me to strengthen my walk with Christ. In return, this has strengthened my relationships with family, friends, and many others.


No other college offers as many opportunities to learn from hands-on ministry work than GPBC. This college is more than just classes; it's practical ministry training 24/7.


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We would love to talk with you! If you would like more information or have some questions please send us a message, and we will contact you quickly. Feel free to give us a call as well!

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